Our Services

Below is a listing of our standard services, prices vary by size and breed, please call for pricing for your pet.

We provide customized grooming to suit the needs of the individual pet and owner.


  • Basic bath
    • Shampoo and blow dry
  • Deluxe bath
    • Shampoo, blow dry, mani/pedi and ear cleaning
  • Works bath
    • For longer haired dogs. Includes shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, mani/pedi, ear cleaning and brush out
  • Shed-less bath
    • Perfect for medium to long-haired breeds who tend to shed. Includes a deep cleaning followed by a thorough brush and blow dry
  • De-matting bath
    • The Works bath followed by a de-matting session to remove mats.
  • Full groom
    • Includes bath of choice with an all over body clip
  • Specialized Shampoo / Baths
    • We offer several specialized baths for:
      • Dry/itchy skin
      • Hot spots
      • Allergic/sensitive dogs
      • Flea baths
      • De-skunking baths.
    • Specialized shampoos can be selected with any of the above bath choices for an additional fee.
  • Mani / Pedi
    • Nail trim and filing
  • Spa treatments and Add-ons
    • Trim feathers
    • Nail buffering
    • Nail painting
    • Hair coloring
    • Anal glands expression